Monday, March 31, 2014

Believe to Receive 3-31-14

 "Some want to RECEIVE before they put forward the BELIEVE"!

Matthew 21:22
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Our God is a God of Free Will, He never forces us to believe & likewise, when His Holy Son put forward His Human life, spilling His Holy Blood for our sins, the moment we accept, acknowledge & believe in that sacrifice only then is the Bond formed and reparation made.  Like being ransomed from jail; He then becomes our Lord, Our Master. In that exchange, our New Master & keeper begins to perform & function in our lives, in our hearts, because of that acceptance, free will and BELIEF. That is Faith in action!

God has His hands outstretched to us in so many ways, everyday. Calling out, placing opportunities & challenges in peoples lives; just waiting for them to call upon Him, to place forward the BELIEVE, so that they may RECEIVE! The only equity we have, of any value to the Lord, is that of our belief. It is like Gold, in fact it is of more value. Even displayed on our money, it rightfully reads;  "In God we Trust", although, as of late, everyone should begin to wonder has this changed, is it just lip service?! "Your two cents worth", as they say, is the very thing that I speak of. Our opinions, our belief, because God made us to have them, he gave us choice but many misuse it. "No one can steal or invade your mind, right?"; even that is not true! Satan can manipulate and turn your thoughts toward things offensive to God. He can invade, persuade and run amuck! Unless you are saved your mind is at risk, like a computer connected to the worldwide net without security protection! Yes, Satan is a mind virus that effects every unsaved, unsure life! (Romans 8:6) So, while you still have a chance, a choice....make this chapter of your life the one that ushers in Salvation! Every opportunity, every song, every status, every image that speaks of Him; they are all opportunities placed by Him that many will and do turn away from. Those very things will be brought up in that day, the day of judgement... when many will claim they did not know, were not aware or had no idea and in that day, the accounting will be replayed for them, no excuse will stand.

Now, back to this BELIEVE issue; God says, to the believer; "If you believe on me for your salvation, then believe on me for EVERYTHING else". Be thou not a hypocrite; ask Him to help your unbelief and He will. Ask for increased FAITH through prayer! Pray for everything and diligently watch, taking notice. Especially, God builds faith when we pray for others. (Eph 6:18) Did you ever pray for someone and then low and behold, it specifically comes to pass? Yes, I have & I keep a journal of these "praise reports".  Write yours down, bind them upon your heart and remember them. This is proof that God hears and this is Faith being built.

Even a farmer knows good seed produces a good crop. To a farmer his seed is valuable, it's money in the bank. This too is why God calls them seeds of faith. Because His word, which holds many countless promises for us and our provision when placed in the firmament of God's soil, placed forward through faith, will for sure not go in vain. Jeremiah 17:7-8  His word never returns to Him void, so your seeds of faith never will either!For what you believe that also is what you receive!


2 Corinthians 4:13 We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak;

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Here s a convenient link for all of the scripture references in this message listed at BibleGateway:

Heavenly Father, I call upon you this day in full belief, ready to receive the bounty you have promised your saints who diligently seek you. On behalf of the souls whom I have petitioned You for, I stand with mine hand over their heads in spirit, requesting Father that you touch them; let the trappings of this world fall away, just long enough for them to see your outstretched hand. Draw forward their belief and secure them in the trust they shall place in You. Father, I also stand here in the gap for many souls, your children whom are at all levels of advancement; help us to trust You with everything that we have. Help us to make rightful choices. Help us to see that all things belong to You and that it is Your good pleasure to bless us, meeting any and every need. Help us get on with addressing our spiritual nourishment as well as physical, help us to address our financial breakthroughs as we open our wallets to the needy. Help us seek You first in order that we might find what we seek in our day to day life. Lord, if we could only see ourselves as You see us, then we could begin to submit ourselves ultimately and entirely to the creator who formed us, You who have the power to transform us into that which You originally intended! Oh for that glorious day, when we, Your children will stand before you, perfected in your Grace and seeing your face! Thank you Lord for providing us with all that is required to achieve this! In the name of your Holy and Triune Son, Our Lord,  Jesus Christ Yehushua our Soon Coming King, AMEN

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