Sunday, October 15, 2017

Get that like a real book experience with PageFlip5

I am a huge proponent of supporting the DREAM, not only my own dreams but especially those of the ones God has placed in my life. I believe that we are all, always drawn to those circumstances and situations where we can serve, learn and grow. It is important to meet those opportunities with our very best.

A sister in Christ, whom I have had the pleasure of working with on another project, contacted me seeking assistance. I was very honored to have been asked and very interested in doing what I can to help advance her vision for a very small but important music book concept that she explained, for leading people to the Lord through some incredible artists and their gifts.

She had a demonstration version online that I was able to access, as she was planning on printing off a professional hardcover version through a specific site designed for vanity publishing. I was able to take print screens of her pages and save them as image files, so that I could work with them.

My endeavor was to assemble the few pages into a PDF that she could successfully share with countless others in a cost-effective way. Sure, the printed version she was preparing to make would be great but I knew she wanted to share it beyond just the few whom would get such a costly but tangible, professionally bound book.

I set out, created the ebook and then we realized, how nice it would be if the finished digital version could display like a book and even flip like a real book would. An authentic book like experience but still a digital ebook. PDF does not do this. That was the finishing touch I wanted so so much to be able to offer.

I immediately went online and started searching. I came across PageFlip5 and it was as if the heavens parted. This handy tool would do nicely. Perfectly and precisely, exactly what I was looking for.

Not only is it easy and function the way we wanted but it is also web friendly. We had talked about the potential of having this book readily available on the web, with PageFlip5 you can serve and share your book on your own website as well as through theirs.

What a great solution for anyone looking to have their content stand out. Whether it be images or literature or what have you, you should consider using this service and tool.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Obedience and preservation 9/25/17

Preservation is a byproduct of obedience. You can learn this fast as through one lesson or through repetition until you get it. Betterment is His promise to us, as He sorts & surveys our comprehension of this.

When we are so fully in faith of belief that we surrender peacefully to God’s provisions and plans over us. Far better is that which He arranges than that which we might pick, thinking we know better.

Not to say that He doesn’t inspire and invite us to dream big, or specific, for surely, He does. It is just a small adjustment but a pivotal one, where we recognize what we desire is also pleasing to God. It’s when we have those noble and notable notions, those are the ones worth actualizing.

At a certain time in recent history, it was popular to find with, when you would buy a pricey garment or gadget, it would come with aproof of  quality inspection . There would typically be an insert, a slip, a note, or sticker which read inspected by a signatue a number or both.

This offered pereceived value, if not peace of mind. After all, that little confirmation carried a weight of expectation. Surely, if it passed inspection it is of good quality for me?! A likely supposition. We put an ounce of confidence in it, before even establishing whether it is a sound fact.

Does not faith require of us, just such trust?! When we send everything through God’s sort and sift, surveyor belt, we have nothing but the best of results. Filtered, fantastic and infinite!Look to God in all matters. With Him as a business advisor, encourager, life coach, magistrate, provision source, public relations liaison and the list goes on. The spirit is always communicating. Let God speak over your life. When you have your confession triangulated off of His word, that is an angle of untold benefits.

God also offers His little signs and signals, that His mighty hand was responsible. I personally love those ahahhh moments. In fact, that is the case with every outcome that occurs to His children. Sometimes, we are able to see the progression or the full circle, other times it is merely putting it up for the future. Our Father offers more than preservation, He also delights in helping us thrive.

Heavenly Father, I pray and plead the blood of the lamb protection over me and mine, over everyone and theirs, especially our precious sisters and brothers in Christ, as well as all connected to us and through us. Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness. These constants and truths are a tremendous source of confidence with formidable reinforcements. ‘With thee for me’, ‘all things are possible’. Remind us Oh Lord to speak over our circumstances. Lord, as we wish them to be handled through You, that means solid and sound on both fronts, the seen and the unseen.



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Romans 8:31

 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?


Philippians 4:13

 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.



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Monday, March 27, 2017

Temporary Hiatus 3/27/17

Please keep me in your prayers, I will be taking a temporary hiatus in order to heal. Please stay tuned, I hope to back in full swing in a week or two. In the meanwhile I am happy to share a testimony of Gods goodness as He sustained me through a very serious health crisis.


How much of a testimony is it when the Medical professionals say, by all rights, you should have been dead with such a situation going on in your body and they scratch their heads in disbelief!?


So….a few years back I was at a local store and met this wonderful lady, we had instant rapport. We spoke a few times and emailed a few times and then communications ended (life throws us curve balls; shortly after meeting her I broke my leg and was out of commission for 8 to 10 months.)….

Fast forward to Saturday. I am hospitalized and admitted. They send me up to a room and tell me I will be having a roommate shortly. So as they are prepairing the space for her, I meet this wonderful lady. She is a Mighty woman of faith and we get along instantly. She asks about my church and our minds are blown as she tells me, I have been there…I love that church. She knows many of the same folks.
One day becomes two, then two days becomes 3 and then 4 days. All the while, we are encouraging each other, looking out for each other, sharing experiences, praying together and ministering to each other. (Many many times when I was in bad shape she was feeling ok and vice versa., when she was having a hard time, the spirit gave me the words and we were able to help each other as many things were trying to come up against us.)

We just knew that we wanted to stay in touch so before either one of us might be released we shared emails and then I gave her my number so she could call my phone (so this way we would both have each others number). Low and behold, as she is calling me, I see a name pop up along with the number. …OMGOSH how is she already a saved contact in my phone?!…the two of us in tandem, encounter Instant recollection of that brief meeting a few years back. Talk about mind blowing, God appointed stuff! It was pure elation over How amazing our God is. How He places things in our path to let us know that nothing escapes Him and that He is always at work, working everything together for our benefit.

We both found this very encouraging. We each had moments where things didn’t seem to be going right at all, in fact, we both had situations where the prognosis that seemed to be trying to unfold before us and over us was not to either of our liking. We both stood on our faith and pressed in, for our favorable outcomes. These things that occurred can be dealt with now and are being treated. Thank You God for Your Divine Mercy and Grace that sustained us and brought us through our dark hours.

One thing the spirit gave me, is that Jesus never let himself down off that cross in order to PROVE to us that He also would never let us down as Christ, our Eternal Savior. The work He did that day covers us and permits us to thrust our burdens over in complete faith with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Thank You God that you would be mindful of us to such extent. Thank you for placing me with this wonderful sister and friend. Thank You for sparing us from the ‘what ifs’ and ‘could have beens’!

And Thank You God, that You are glorified and empowered through our weaknesses. Please help us going forward as You so magnanimously do!

I had the God gifted pleasure of meeting this woman, and then was reunited with her at the hospital where we shared a room. We both discovered that we each write poetry, minister the word of the Lord, and have both created prophetic videos. She shared hers with me and IT IS SO POWERFUL….
WATCH THIS TIL THE END and BE BLESSED AS I WAS! This video blew me away and was so impactful




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